Personalised Wooden Plaque

Personalised Wooden Plaque

Bring a little bit of nature inside with our Little Koa & Co Personalised Wooden Plaque! Turn a name, nickname or inspiring word into a statement piece for any space!


Simply choose from the three fonts available and add your name/word into the space provided. Note : one name/word per piece *



- made from premium Basswood

- height 15cm

- length will depend on how many characters you've choosen (max length 55 cm)

- Wooden Plaque ONLY, no fixtures included.



Eco-friendly Basswood. This product is lightweight and needs to be handled with care. The product should last a life time with the right care in place.


Care Instructions:

When affixing to the wall, make sure to apply even and light pressure. Pressing too hard or in one place can force the plaque to create a break. When applying the pressure be sure to use your whole hand and not just a focal point. 

We recommened using double sided tape to fix the plaque to the wall or a heavy duty Blutac/adhesvie. 

When removing the plaque be sure you do not pull too hard as this can create a break.


Additional Information:

Please ensure only one name per piece is entered per plaque. Your design may be compromised if you include hyphenated or multiple names. If you are usure how to order please contact us at

*please allow 3-4 business days for turnaround*

    $32.95 Regular Price
    $23.07Sale Price